Zilch micro-bins - a new concept for tackling small litter
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Small litter, notably cigarette ends and spent gum, is problematical for these reasons:

  • smokers and chewers are unwilling to go far to dispose responsibly of their waste
  • cigarette ends are difficult to pick up and gum-stains are very expensive to remove
  • all attempts to change discard behaviour through the provision of personal disposal solutions have failed
  • existing street litter solutions are not optimised to capture this type of waste, are expensive and need specialist fitting

Zilch micro-bins bins provide a solution to these problems as they are:

  • inexpensive at a cost of less than 12 each
  • easily deployed with just a pair of snips needed
  • convenient and liked by smokers and chewers
  • easily and quickly emptied with no fiddly key
  • simple and cheap to replace if damaged or soiled
  • deployable at high density ensuring high availability
  • fixed either by ties, self-adhesive or screw-mounted
  • small enough to be unobtrusive but large enough to be seen with branded livery available as an option

See the results of our trial at a high volume transition point here.
Micro-bin labeled

The environment is at the heart of the product as:

  • deploying micro-bins prevents plastic-made filter-tips going down drains and into watercourses
  • the visual amenity of a street scene is enhanced by the absence of butts & gum-stains
  • the stubbing plate and bin-liner are both made from the aluminium from repurposed litter-picked aluminium cans
  • the backing of the stubbing plate is made from discarded estate agent sign-boards
  • filter-tips and gum collected in this way can be passed to specialist recyclers

How might you use the micro-bins:

  • to see for yourself how such a simple and inexpensive solution can bring about behaviour change without enforcement or promotion
  • as part of the strategy when introducing environmental enforcement and thus providing smokers and chewers with no excuse for irresponsible disposal
  • to find out whether the such a low-cost solution is something that will suffice in the area in which deployed
  • as a cheap way of determining the best placement of more expensive solutions

Four standard designs
Four micro-bin wrapper designs are available as standard
Micro-bin captured butts & gum
So find out how Zilch micro-bins can help you achieve your clean street and environmental responsibility objectives: 0755 340 7459 or

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