Action 2 - Report smokers in company vehicles
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 2) Report smokers in company vehicles

The Health Act 2006 made it illegal to smoke in all vehicles used primarily for business purposes by more than one person.

Furthermore, the vast majority of smokers in vehicles, if seen smoking with the car window open, will dispose of their cigarette end by dropping it or throwing it out of the car window.

So, if you see someone smoking in a company vehicle with the window open you can note its e-mail address, get it from their website or use their online contact form to send a message giving the time of day and registration number of the vehicle. A camera can be used to capture all this information.

So this is the sort of thing you might put in your e-mail:

Smoking and littering from your company vehicle

Would you please ask the driver of your vehicle @@## @@@ at 06:50 am today Day ##th Month to use its ashtray.

Cigarette butts are litter and disposing of them onto the road is breaking the law and does nothing to enhance the reputation of your company.

You'll be surprised by the number of apologetic and grateful messages you receive in reply:

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, @@@@@ @@@@ expects all of its Drivers to act with the up most courtesy and respect to both our Customers and General Public and especially other road users. The Driver concerned will be summoned to his Managers office upon his return and dealt with according to Company Procedure, Provincial Logistics operates a No Smoking Policy within all of its Vehicle Fleet and it saddens me to find out that policy is being disregarded, especially in these circumstances!

Thank you for your email below and for bring this to our attention. The driver will be spoken to by his line manager and given a verbal warning about his behaviour. I am sorry that you had to witness this unacceptable behaviour.

Apologies for that @@@@. I will pass on your comments.

We understand that instances such as this are unpardonable, and members of our branch management have been made aware of this occurrence and the difficulty it caused you. Our management team will be speaking with the customer concerned and I can assure you that steps will be taken to ensure that instances like this do not occur again.

Please accept our apologies.

Tell us of the appreciative replies you get by sending an e-mail to: