Action 10 - Pick up and bin litter
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10) Pick up and bin litter

Litter breeds litter and although picking it up shouldn't be necessary and while Zilch is emphatically not a litter-picking organisation, it does help. The first piece of subsequent litter always stands out like a sore thumb.

Minimum Equipment Specification:
Advanced Equipment Specification:
As above plus (in order of priority):
If you are worried about Health & Safety, do read these guidelines (PDF) from the Isle of Man Government.

It's been proved that litter picking is good for you and of course it raises the tone of your neighbourhood.

And don't forget that you can be rewarded for your litter-picking activities. Aluminium cans have value and can be traded either for cash or Tesco points.

Two important notes:
1) Not all drinks cans are aluminium. You must have separated out the steel ones if you are to get the best price for your cans. The steel ones are slightly heavier but best if you buy a magnet to be sure!
2) Tesco machines won't recognise your cans if they have been crushed.

Finally, to become certified as a fully quallified litter picker you can take the Litter Hero Test.

Tell us about your litter-picking activities by sending an e-mail to: