Balloon releases
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Balloon releases

Increasingly, as illustrated by the chart below, balloon and chinese lantern releases are being used as a way to fundraise, cellebrate and commemorate. These are not a good idea for the following reasons, they:
Balloon litter recorded per km of beach surveyed during Marine Conservation Society Beachwatch Big Weekends
An overflowing bin
©Marine Conservation Society

Until this activity is made illegal (which it already is in some parts of the UK) it is down to everyone to do what they can to persuade and educate others into the folly of this pursuit.

Even if the balloons used are "biodegradeable" they cause the harm described above. Consequently we have created this page to list the releases that we hear about and provide you with a quick and easy way of sending the organisers of such events a message. The links below will take you to a page on which you can pick the message you want to send, either by e-mail or twitter.

Impending balloon releases

Date Organiser Event Link

Hall of Fame

Balloon releases planned but either abandoned or done differently. Our congratulations to the organiser!

Date Organiser Event Link
23rd March
Hannah Swain Memorial fundraising Article
7th March
Steve Goodyear The High Flyers Fundraising Website
23rd Oct
Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer Fundraising Website

Dungeon of Shame and Ignominy

Organsisers who have been contacted but who have chosen not to withdraw or change their plans for a balloon release. We're hopeful that the next time around these organisations will plan something different.

Date Organiser Event Link
6th July 2013
KL.FM The KLFM Charity 500 balloons Balloon Race 2013 Website
5th July 2013
IATP 2,374 blue and yellow balloons to raise awareness of Mesothelioma and Asbestos Related Diseases Website
22 April 2013
Mayor of Winchester
Cllr Frank Pearson
The Mayor's Charity Balloon Release evidence
6th April
Mandy Binns
NAS Stafford & District Branch
National Autistic Society
Fundraising at Stafford Castle
17th March
Kent Davis
Digbeth landlord
Birmingham’s St Patrick's Day Parade Website